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Rumney Marshes Area of Critical Environmental Concern: Salt Marsh Restoration Plan

This dataset shows the general extent of the report, "Rumney Marshes Area of Critical Environmental Concern: Salt Marsh Restoration Plan," prepared by the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Massachusetts Wetlands Restoration Program and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management Areas of Critical Environmental Concern Program on behalf of the Rumney Marshes ACEC Salt Marsh Restoration Task Group. The plan was published in May 2002. The following is an excerpt from the plan's executive summary: The Rumney Marshes Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) has been characterized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as one of the most biologically significant estuaries in Massachusetts north of Boston. The ACEC is more than 2,600 acres in size and is located in the municipalities of Boston, Lynn, Revere, Saugus, and Winthrop. The ACEC is comprised of two separate marsh systems, Rumney Marsh and Belle Isle Marsh…The purpose of this plan is to identify lost or degraded salt marshes, and assess the feasibility of how salt marsh restoration might help address some of the effects of cumulative salt marsh loss, such as a decline in water quality, loss of flood storage, and decreased habitat for wildlife, fish, and shellfish throughout the ecosystem…This analysis relies primarily on site specific information provided by members of the Task Group and others knowledgeable about the area. The result is a list of 16 potential wetland restoration sites - two in Boston, six in Revere, and eight in Saugus; totaling about 120 acres - that are evaluated based on several watershed-level and site-specific criteria. Among these 16 projects, five have been identified as high priority sites, based primarily on their size and high potential to restore substantially beneficial ecological processes. In addition, 14 recently completed projects – covering more than 140 acres – are described to document the considerable improvements which have already been made.
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