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Land Use (2005)

This is a statewide, seamless digital dataset of land use / land cover for the State of Massachusetts derived using semi-automated methods and based on digital imagery captured in 2005 with 0.5 m pixel resolution. The project area encompasses the State of Massachusetts. The minimum mapping unit (MMU) for this dataset is 1 acre overall for the dataset. However, there are some exceptions: a MMU of 0.5 acre has been used for rural areas where there may be isolated residential, commercial, or industrial structures. In such cases, areas less than 1 acre and more than about 0.5 acre are mapped. In urban areas, the MMU is 1 acre. This implies that a water tower or a communication tower in the middle of a residential or commercial area may not be mapped out separately if it occupies less than 1 acre of land. In areas where assessor parcel data was available, Multi-family Residential, Commercial, and Industrial areas may be as small as 0.25 acre. The land use classification scheme used for these data is based on a coding schema used in previous land use datasets in Massachusetts with some modifications for the 2005 classification.
Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Massachusetts
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