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Multi-use Area (250-meter grid spacing)

The ocean management plan establishes three categories of management areas: Prohibited, Renewable Energy, and Multi-use. The Multi-use Area is open to all uses, activities and facilities allowed under the Ocean Sanctuaries Act, including but not limited to the following: o Aquaculture o Cables and pipelines o Extraction of sand and gravel for beach nourishment o Community-scale wind energy facilities of appropriate scale o Wave and tidal energy facilities of appropriate scale Management in the Multi-use Area is based on specific marine resources identified as key components of the Massachusetts marine ecosystem ("special, sensitive or unique marine or estuarine life and habitat"). The vulnerability of each resource to new uses, activities and facilities was determined and ranked through compatibility assessments. Similarly, management guidance for balancing impacts to commercial and recreation fishing and recreational boating was developed and the compatibility of these uses with new uses was assessed. The uses, activities and facilities listed above are managed not by spatial designation but by siting and performance standards, associated with mapped resources and uses that direct development away from high value resources and concentrations of existing water-dependent uses. To allow for consistent evaluation and comparison of a variety of datasets with distinct spatial resolutions, accuracies, and other characteristics, the ocean management planning area was partitioned into 250 x 250-meter grid cells, each with a unique ID. These data were converted to the planning area grid by clipping the planning area grid with this data layer.
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