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Public Open Space with Views of the Massachusetts Ocean Management Planning Area

The Ocean Management Plan does not incorporate data that quantifies the visual impacts of wind energy facilities, but the plan recognizes the importance of such information. The final plan provides additional information that will assist project-specific review of potential visual impacts associated with a wind energy facility. Further refinement of the assessment of visual issues would appropriately take place during consideration of a particular development proposal, as turbine density, layout, other project-specific factors, and the particular characteristics of affected sites within a project's viewshed all must be taken into consideration. Potential visual impacts to important public spaces and open space, cultural and historical resources, and other identified sites would all depend on an understanding of a proposed project layout. This dataset illustrates public open spaces at which specific visual assessments might be required. Identification of the exact inventory of such sites that would have to be assessed would be related to a specific project, but the information portrayed in this dataset would be included in such a review. This dataset was extracted from the Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS) "Protected and Recreational OpenSpace - October 2009" data layer. Generally, sites within one quarter of a mile from the coast were selected, although in some instances parcels farther away from the coast were included due to local topography. This layer was then reviewed to select those polygons with the greatest feasibility of viewing the Massachusetts ocean management planning area. Parcels with no public access were removed.
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