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Roseate Tern Core Habitat

This dataset shows areas of "core" Roseate Tern habitat, represented as breeding, staging, and critical foraging areas. This layer is based on a dataset from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (DFW/NHESP) that represents documented Roseate Tern breeding, staging (presence of 100 or more individuals), and foraging areas. The breeding and staging sites were identified and mapped by DFW/NHESP biologists and buffered 0.3 nautical miles. Within the foraging areas, DFW/NHESP biologists identified core foraging areas based upon scientific literature to represent the most important foraging areas, critical to the use of the mapped breeding and staging areas. The breeding, staging, and critical foraging areas were extracted as Roseate Tern core habitat. To allow for consistent evaluation and comparison of a variety of datasets with distinct spatial resolutions, accuracies, and other characteristics, the Massachusetts ocean management planning area was partitioned into 250 x 250-meter grid cells, each with a unique ID. These data were converted to the planning area grid by extracting all of the cells in which the data layer occurred. The data were then dissolved into one feature.
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