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Police Stations

The Police Stations layer shows the point locations of 437 law enforcement and sheriff offices, including local, county and state jurisdictions. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) GIS Program in cooperation with the Regional Planning Agencies and participating communities created the data as part of the development of Homeland Security Data Layers. The features represented include municipal police stations and Massachusetts State Police barracks. Although sheriffs are not technically charged with the same law enforcement tasks as local and state police, county sheriff headquarters are also included in this layer. The duties of the sheriffs include the management and operation of regional correctional systems and transportation of prisoners, service of judicial process and delivery of legal documents needed to support the operation of the courts, community policing, running various outreach services, and the enforcement of laws enacted for the public safety, health and welfare of the people. Not included in this layer are Environmental Police, Campus Police and various state and federal level law enforcement. Stored in the ArcSDE, the layer is named POLICESTATIONS_PT_MEMA.
Emergency, Law Enforcement, Police, and Offices
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