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Area of Interest for Long-tailed Ducks

This dataset shows the area of interest for Long-tailed Ducks south of the Massachusetts ocean management planning area. Long-tailed Ducks have a unique winter behavior where they make a daily "commute" from Nantucket Sound, where they concentrate in particular areas at night, across Nantucket Island to Nantucket Shoals, where they disperse to feed during the day. This layer is based on two datasets. The first dataset originated with the Massachusetts Audubon Society (Mass Audubon) with additional analysis by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP). Mass Audubon provided radio telemetry data from Long-tailed Ducks tagged in Nantucket Sound, and from these data NHESP developed a polygon that represented concentrations of Long-tailed Ducks. The second dataset was developed by Mass Audubon for the Massachusetts ocean management plan. Mass Audubon digitized a polygon of the distribution of Long-tailed Ducks south of Nantucket Island based on the distribution maps in the White et al. 2009 paper, Feeding Ecology of Long-tailed Ducks Clangula hyemalis Wintering on the Nantucket Shoals. CZM combined these two datasets and extracted data south of the Massachusetts ocean management planning area to represent the area of interest for Long-tailed Ducks.
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