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Surficial Geology (1:250,000)

MassGIS has produced a statewide surficial geology datalayer showing the location of sand and gravel deposits. Originally the data were divided into three panels- west, east, and southeast that correspond to the U.S. Geological Survey 1:250,000 map sheets that were used as a basemap. This datalayer is very generalized when compared to the other MassGIS data. MassGIS uses the surficial geology data only to produce volume or area measurements over a large region, e.g. a drainage basin. It is not accurate for site specific analysis. As part of a major data development effort, the datalayer has been greatly enhanced. Now panelled by watershed, the data includes areas of fine-grained deposits and floodplains. For the original southeast panel, the 1:250,000 Providence, RI sheet, large sand deposits have also been delineated. Additionally, contour lines indicating depth of sand and gravel deposits have also been added. In ArcSDE the layer is named SURFGEO250K_POLY.
surficial geology
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