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Coastal Plain Pond Systems

Coastal Plain Pond Systems consist of certain kettlehole ponds and the pondshores developed around their fluctuating water levels. Most of this data in the southeast came from a shapefile created by the Manomet Center for Conservation Science, which was then revised based on information from the Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program, The Nature Conservancy, Wildlands Trust of Southeastern Massachusetts, and the MassGIS 1:5,000 Orthophoto base map. The Coastal Plain Pond datalayer is named VCCOASTALPLAINPOND_POLY in ArcSDE. This layer is part of the MassGIS Priority Natural Vegetation Communities dataset, which depicts the distribution of the eight natural community systems identified by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP) as most critical to the conservation of the Commonwealth’s biological diversity (Barbour et al., 1998).
Priority Natural Vegetation Communities Coastal Plain Pond Systems
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