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Riverine Natural Community Systems

Riverine Systems are complex areas defined by the extent of river flooding. They include floodplain and alluvial forests, riverside marshes and shrub swamps, and brackish and freshwater wetlands along tidal rivers. Ditched, channelized and dammed areas are excluded. This data was created by starting with the DEP Wetlands, creating a new set without the coastal and bog wetland types, and then adding, deleting and changing these polygon shapes and labels based on aerial photo interpretation of the 1999/2000 photos and field information. In some areas where this wetland layer did not exist, the wetlands were interpreted and digitized from the aerial photos. The Riverine datalayer is called VCRIVERINE_POLY in ArcSDE. This layer is part of the MassGIS Priority Natural Vegetation Communities dataset, which depicts the distribution of the eight natural community systems identified by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP) as most critical to the conservation of the Commonwealth’s biological diversity (Barbour et al., 1998).
Priority Natural Vegetation Communities Riverine Natural Community Systems
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