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C-18 Geologic Atlas Of Todd County, Minnesota [Part A]

The geologic units show a computer model interpreted distribution of surface and subsurface sediment types along or near to the selected cross sections as organized by geologic origin and relative age. The area labelled bedrock is composed of all types of bedrock lying below an interpreted contact line with the overlying Pleistocene sediment. Unit usg is all undifferentiated sand and gravel that ranges in stratigraphic position from below till of the New Ulm Formation to below till of the Elmdale formation. Unit ups is all undifferentiated Pleistocene sediment (includes till, sand, gravel, and fine-grained lake sediment) shown in areas where control data is scarce or absent. Water is also shown where significantly sized lake basins intersect the cross section lines. Prominent physical (lakes, rivers, geomorphic features, etc.) and cultural (towns and major highways, etc.) features are labeled. MGS rotary-sonic and rotary cuttings drill hole data locations, depths, and unique well numbers are shown for key subsurface stratigraphic control. MGS and USGS auger boring, water-well drillers log, and outcrop data locations and depths are also used for subsurface stratigraphic control.
Minnesota Geological Survey
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