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Blueprint 2030 Growth Strategy

This dataset depicts the the various Blueprint 2030 planning areas shown in Council's Blueprint 2030 Growth Strategy map. This map is part of the Metropolitan Council Blueprint 2030 adopted December 18, 2002. This document is on hold with the current Metropolitan Council and will be revised in the near future. See for more information. Please refer to the actual Blueprint 2030 Growth Strategy map for the actual details of the Blueprint. A digital version can be found at . See Lineage in Section 2 of this metadata for more information. Notes: - At the time of adoption, Lake Elmo's comprehensive plan was not completed. The manner in which the city of Lake Elmo is depicted in this dataset is considered to be illustrative only. - Also at the time of adoption, the City of Rockford was considered to be a Rural Center. Since then the city has opted out of Metropolitan Council jurisdiction.
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