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The Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department (HSPHD) Geographic Regions are the six geographic areas (three in Minneapolis, and three in the suburbs) in which HSPHD client service delivery will be provided. These HSPHD Geographic Regions were created to strategically place HSPHD staff within the county to improve access to department services and to integrate services for clients withint the department, with other governmental agencies and with community-based services. Each geographic region will have one hub site in which all core HSPHD services will be provided or accessed, and one or more satellite sites at which specialized services will be provided. Regionalization (or decentralization) of services, along with a redesigned (and integrated) client service delivery model, will provide for easier client access to services and information, along with better client outcomes.The boundary was updated March 2014 to align with the county boundary, municipal boundaries, Minneapolis neighborhoods, and Franklin Ave. The was completed by the Hennepin County GIS Office.
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