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Base Annotation

BaseAnno1200 contains textual descriptive information about real estate plats. This data set was originally created in 1986 from hand drawn 1:2400 half and 1:1200 quarter section maps. In 1995, this data was converted to an ArcInfo annotation class and held in the ArcStorm data base. The annotation data layer was converted in 2005 to an ESRI ArcGIS GeoDatabase. Within the ArcInfo annotation class there were three subclasses. The "parcel" subclass contains information about parcels that was gathered from plats, Registered Land Surveys (RLSs) and other recorded documents; it contains text items such as lot and block numbers, plat names and parcel identifiers. The "road" subclass contains public road names, generally classified as Federal, State, County or Municipal road names. The "water" subclass contains text items for lakes, rivers and creeks. With the conversion to an ArcGIS GeoDatabase, the "parcel" subclass was further divided. BaseAnno1200 includes lot and block numbers, plat names as well as Common Interest Community names & numbers.
Ramsey County
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