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Parcel Info

This data set contains miscellaneous linework that assists with map creation and clarification. In 1986, Parcel Information [MAPINFO] data was digitized from hand drawn 1:2400 half and 1:1200 quarter section maps. In 1995, the map information data layer was converted to ArcINFO format and maintained in an ArcStorm data base. Parcel Information was converted in 2005 to an ESRI Arc GIS GeoDatabase format. Parcel Information data is rarely computed utilizing coordinate geometry programs. Most of this information is a visual representation of map features. Examples of graphical features represented in this database are: old or vacated lot lines, lines, right of way and plat boundary extension lines. This data set is not intended to provide a complete history of the previous underlying makeup of parcel related boundaries
Ramsey County
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