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Mississippi River Critical Area And Mnrra Boundaries

This dataset shows the boundaries of the state designated Mississipi River Critical Area program as well as the federally designated Mississippi National River and Recreation Area within the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The Mississippi River Critical Area (CA) program was established in 1976 by the State of Minnesota and is currently administered by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. An external boundary was established for the Critical Area as well as internal district boundaries (e.g. rural open space, urban diversified, etc). The Mississippi National River and Recreation Area (MNRRA) is a federally designated unit of the National Park Service and was established in 1988. MNRRA adopted the same external boundary as the state Mississippi River Critical Area (CA). Though MNRRA and CA use the same legal description to define exterior boundaries, the internal corridor districts included in this dataset are components of the Critical Area only--not MNRRA. While the MNRRA Comprehensive Management Plan adopts by reference the state CA program, MNRRA has no specially designated districts. This dataset is derived from a digital file received from the National Park Service and modified to more closely match existing public land survey and street centerline datasets where the lines appeared to be coincident. NOTES: - This dataset is a hybrid layer. It takes lines from several different base files in an attempt to define the Critical Area boundaries. The sources used are either more positionally accurate than the coverage received from the federal government, or are datasets that are commonly used within the Twin Cities metropolitan area. - Some users have noted that some Critical Area boundary lines are noticeably positionally off from where they believe the correct location of the boundary to be. (e.g. In the MSP airport area, one user thought the line was to go down between the lanes of the freeway, while the line in the MNRRA layer does not even appear to be within the freeway right of way.)
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