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Msp Airport Noise Policy Area 1996

This dataset depicts the Noise Policy Area around the Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport (MSP). This Noise Policy Area was adopted by the Metropolitan Council as part of the December, 1996 Aviation Chapter of the Metropolitan Development Guide. (A discussion of the Noise Policy Area is found on page 66 of the Aviation Guide Chapter.) The noise policy area lines in this layer were derived from MSP airport noise contours developed by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC). The portions of the lines that correspond with the three existing runways (4/22, 11L/29R & 11R/29L) are derived from noise contours for 1996 that were modeled from 1991-92 base data (reference runway 4/22 EIS 'No-Build' option). The portions of the lines that correspond to the new north-south runway are derived from noise contours for 2005 modeled by the MAC for the EIS on MSP 2010 expansion plan. The outermost line represents a one mile buffer around the 60db noise policy contours. Notes: - The FAA integrated noise model (INM) was used to generate the noise contours. - The positional accuracy of the contours from which this dataset is derived is unknown. See the Lineage section for information. - Magnetic declination has resulted in re-numbering parallel runways to 12R/30L & 12L/30R.
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