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The NexTrip API is a real-time transit departure data web service for third-party application developers using Metro Transit information. NexTrip departure information updates every 30 seconds. Help conserve our bandwidth and server resources by writing your applications responsibly. Third party applications should not update departure information more frequently than every 30 seconds. Applications making excessive calls and updating more frequently than 30 seconds will be subject to restriction. There are six requests with three different response schema.<H3>Requests</H3><ol><li><b>Departures</b> requests require Route, Direction and Stop as part of the URL -{ROUTE}/{DIRECTION}/{STOP} </li><li><b>GetTimePointDepartures</b> requests require stopID as part of the URL -{STOPID} </li><li><b>Route</b> - </li><li><b>Route Directional</b> requests requires Route number as part of the URL-{ROUTE} </li><li><b>Providers</b> - </li><li><b>Stops</b> -{ROUTE}/{DIRECTION} </li></ol> *A note about StopID and Stop: <br/>A StopID is a unique 5 digit code for each transit stop in the Metro Transit system where a transit user can board or alight a bus or train. A "Stop", or Node, is a unique 4 character code which corresponds to timepoints on a printed transit schedule. These locations are where transit operators make schedule adherence checks.<H3>Response schemas</H3>See <a href="#Entity_and_Attribute_Information">attributes</a> for details.<OL><LI><b>Departures</b> and <b>GetTimePointDepartures</b> requests respond with NexTrip departure information. </LI><LI><b>Route</b> requests returns a list of routes with description and providerID.</LI><LI><b>Route Directional</b> (North, South, East or West), <b>Providers</b> (Metro Transit, MVTA, etc...) and <b>Stops</b> requests return lists of directionals by route, providers, or nodes by route and directional respectively. The response schema is the same for all three request types: Text: String content - depending on request either Routes, Directionals, Providers or Nodes Value: String content - depending on request either Routes, Directionals, Providers or Nodes The value field in the response from the above requests can be used to compose the GetTimepointDepartures request URL</LI></OL><H3>Format Parameters</H3><B>XML</B> is the default response format. <B>JSON</B> can be requested by using a format paramter <B>Callback</B> To add a callback to a JSON request, include the callback parameter: JSON can also be requested using appropriate request headers: <UL><LI>Content-Type: application/json</LI><LI>Accept: application/json</LI></UL> <H3>Examples</H3>get a list of routes: get a list of directionals on route 21: get a list of Stops on a route by direction (21, Westbound): get a list of Stops on route 21 in JSON format: get NexTrip information by Route, Directional, and Stop: get a list of directions for route 21 in JSON format with a callback wrapper:
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