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Streets provide a routable network of Federal, State, County and Municipal roads. In 1986, the road centerlines were digitized from hand drawn 1:2400 half and 1:1200 quarter section maps. In 1995, the parcel data layer was converted to ArcINFO format and held in the ArcStorm database. Centerlines were converted in 2005 to an ESRI ArcGIS GeoDatabase. The vector data is updated utilizing positions calculated from plats using coordinate geometry programs. Plated, Public road centerlines are captured within this database. Private roads may not be shown. All graphical lines contain a character based layer name that identifies the different mapping features. The centerlines usually represent the center of the road right of way. Exceptions to this are freeways and large divided highways, which are represented by double lines. The center of physical roadway pavement may or may not represent the center of the road right of way. Road right of ways may taper or change width. There has been no attempt to alter the road centerline to conform to right of way that is not parallel or alters in width. This file has been further modified using several sources including Ramsey County Public Work's survey centerlines and digitizing off aerial photos. Attributes have been included to allow geo-coding and the support of Ramsey County Computer Aided Dispatch.
Ramsey County
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