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2030 Transitway System

The 2030 Transitway System dataset contains the transit corridors planned for 2030 as outlined in the 2030 Transportation Policy Plan (TPP) adopted November 2010 and amended May 2013. The transitway system contains four types of corridors: Complete, In Construction, Final Design or Preliminary Engineering - Eight transitway corridors: Hiawatha LRT (Blue Line), I-35W BRT, Cedar Avenue BRT (Red Line), I-394 HOT Lane, Northstar Commuter Rail, Central LRT (Green Line), Southwest LRT (Green Line extension) and Bottineau LRT (Blue Line extension) ) are complete, in construction, final design or preliminary engineering. Develop LRT/Busway/BRT/Commuter Rail - Seven corridors: I-35W North, Central Ave/TH 65/BNSF, Rush Line, TH36/NE, Red Rock, I-94 East (Gateway), and Midtown should continue in development and are recommended as potential transitways by 2030. Planning and development studies, conducted and funded in cooperation with county regional railway authorities and Mn/DOT, will determine the specific alignment, mode and schedule for each corridor. Develop as Arterial Street BRT Corridors- Nine arterial corridors are recommended as potential BRT facilities by 2030. Three additional corridors may be implemented after 2030. Twelve potential corridors are included in this dataset. Express Bus Corridors with Transit Advantages - Various Corridors More information about these types of corridors can be found in the 2030 Transportation Policy Plan - Chapter 7 / 2030 Regional Transportation Plan. This data was digitized at approximately 1:100,000 scale using TLG streets, regional highways, and Minnesota railroads as "snap-to" base files. It is to be used at a regional scale for planning purposes only and is not intended for site specific uses. Some alignments have been shifted for cartographic display purposes. It is strongly recommended that the data is displayed using the associated Transitways2030 layer file. NOTE: After importing the layer file, select "Use Symbol Levels" from the layer options menu. The data determinations were made on a subjective basis by managers at Metropolitan Transportation Services and Metro Transit. Data reflect planned corridors and are subject to changes of the TPP.
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