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Twin Cities Metro Area 100M And 1000M Us National Grid

This dataset contains both line and polygon shape files for both 100 meter and 1000 meter US National Grid cells. The US National Grid is an FGDC map presentation standard (FGDC-STD-011-2001). These datasets were created to match the location reference system used by that standard. The reference system is based on NAD 83 UTM Coordinates and the Military Grid Reference System. For more information on the USNG visit these helpful resources: - FGDC USNG Site includes links to an executive summary, the standard itself, and other useful references. - Delta State University USNG page includes links to statewide USNG downloads, learning materials, and ways to get involved in USNG promotion. - ESRI provides a free extension to ArcMap that facilitates the use of the National Grid.
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