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Oʻzbekiston Respublikasi [cartographic material] / karta 2001 yilda "Kartografiya" ilmiy-ishlab chiqarish Davlat korxonasida tuzilgan va nashr etish uchun tayyorlangan ; masʻul muharrir--R.A. Visvar, T.B. Chernyavskaya.

Relief shown by spot heights. Includes notes, indexed tables of local administrative-division names, chronology, directory of international conferences, inset of Tashkent, 12 small insets of vilayet capitals, col. ill. of state symbols, and photographic col. ill.
Oʻzbekistan Republikasi yer resurslari, geodeziya, kartografiya va davlat kadastri Davlat qoʻmitasi
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