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Abkhazia before August 2008 ; Abkhazia after August 2008 ; Tskhinvali region before August 2008 ; Tskhinvali region after August 2008 / Geoland.

Relief shown by spot heights. Shows Georgian Government controlled territories, populated by Georgians; Russian occupied territories, ethnically cleansed from Georgians; Russian occupied territories, populated by Georgians; security zone according the May 14, 1994 Georgian-Abkhazian ceasefire accord (Moscow Accord); Georgian-Russian State borders; administrative border of Abkhazia Autonomous Republic; ethnic cleansing of Georgian villages; territories temporarily occupied by Russian troops in August-September 2008; conflict zone JCC protocol N3 July 12 1992; and administrative borders of Provisional Territorial-Administrative Entity (territories of former South Ossietia Authonomous Okrug). Relief shown by spot heights. Includes 1989 year census data, and text.
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