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Wairarapa / geology by J.G. Begg, J.M. Lee (compilers), incorporating published and unpublished information from S. Beanland [and others].

Irregularly shaped. Relief shown by spot heights and depths by isolines. "This map shows an interpretation of the geology of the Wairarapa region based on existing published and unpublished mapping and limited examination of new surface exposures and drillhole data. The map scale has necessitated generalisation of boundaries, and omission of some features in the interests of clarity." Includes: 5 cross sections, 3 ancillary maps and geologic time tables with color illustrations. 3 ancillary maps: "Structural data index map" -- "Index to 1:50,000 topographic sheet" map -- index map for "1:250,000 geological map series." Location map on front panel. Issued in pocket of explanatory book.
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