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880-02 Karta radiat͡sionnoĭ obstanovki na territorii evropeĭskoĭ chasti SSSR po sostoi͡anii͡u na dekabrʹ 1990 goda : plotnostʹ zagri͡aznenii͡a mestnosti t͡seziem-137 : masshtab 1:500 000 / redakt͡sionno-avtorskiĭ kollektiv po podgotovke materialov radiat͡sionnoĭ obstanovki--otvetstvennyĭ redaktor, I͡U.A. Izraėlʹ, chlen-korrespondent AN SSSR ; redakt͡sionno-organizat͡sionnyĭ sovet, S.I. Avdi͡ushin ... [i dr.] ; karta podgotovlena k pechati po topograficheskoĭ osnove raznykh let izdanii͡a Zapadnym aėrogeodezicheskim predprii͡atiem GUGK SSSR v 1991 godu ; karta i͡avli͡aetsi͡a sintezirovannoĭ, postroennoĭ v Institute prikladnoĭ geofiziki imeni akademika Fedorova E.K. Goskomgidrometa SSSR.

Shows amount of cesium-137 contamination in the soil of the affected parts of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia caused by the Chernobylʹ AES nuclear accident. Some map quadrangles show no indicated areas of contamination. Relief shown by spot heights. Depths shown by contours and soundings on some maps. Names of areas covered by map quadrangle given in upper margin at left, e.g.: SSSR, USSR, BSSR -- SSSR, RSFSR Belg., Volgogr., Voronezh. ... oblasti -- SSSR, RSFSR, Finli͡andii͡a. Map quadrangles individually subtitled and numbered in upper margin at right, e.g.: M-34-G (Uzhgorod) -- N-38-V (Rtishchevo) -- O-35-A Tallin -- R-36-V, G (Petrozavodsk). "Sistema koordinat 1942 g." Accompanied by English-language translation of title, text, legend: Map of the radiation situation in the European part of the USSR as of December 1990 : density of cesium-137 contamination of the terrain. [3] leaves : photocopies ; 28 x 22 cm. Includes sheet-index and boundary diagrams. Map R-35-V, G (Khelʹsinki-Vyborg) also includes text and list of compilers' names.
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