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World (Geological Faults, 2003)

Geological faults from the USGS Global GIS dataset.The fault maps in this atlas show the relatively large faults that reveal the geological structure of the continents, mainly fold or block structures. The location of faults corresponds to the strike of shifted rocks. Information on two types of tectonic dislocations is also given. The two types are (1) tectonic contacts with dominant vertical dislocations of rocks (mainly faults, upthrust faults, etc.) and (2) tectonic contacts with dominant horizontal dislocations of rocks (thrusts).The morphostructure maps show the largest faults differently revealed by present-day relief. They are borders of mountains and platformian plains, ranges and depressions, various pronounced parts of river valleys, chains of lake depressions, and so on. The attributes on the faults were acquired from the survey maps and regional geological and geomorphological maps that were used to compile the geological and geomorphological maps. The maps were of various scales.
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
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