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World (Volcanoes, 2003)

This file contains basic geographic and geologicinformation for volcanoes thought to have been active inthe last 10,000 years (Holocene). The data include a uniquevolcano number, volcano name, location, latitude andlongitude, summit elevation, volcano type, status, and thetime range of the last recorded eruption. Moredetailed descriptions of the data elements, plus moreinformation on the volcanoes and their eruptions, can befound below and in "Volcanoes of the World" (Simkin andSiebert, 1994). The book provides a discussion of the manycautions that are so easily stripped away from anelectronic database, such as the incomplete anduneven nature of the historical record, even in thiscentury, and the large uncertainties surrounding many oldereruption dates. The accuracy of the record variesenormously from one region to another (and one century toanother), and the sea-floor volcanism that dominates ourplanetary magma budget is scarcely representedin this data set.
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
volcanoes and point
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