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World (Geological Ages, 2003)

The World Energy Assessment created geologic maps of 7 regions. These regions were joined with minimum edge matching or checking for feature description by the Global GIS team. The user is warned there will be discrepancies on bordering features. The regions are described in the Geologic Provinces of the World full metadata files. Canada, Mexico and Central America, and the Europe tiles were screen digitized by the Global GIS team. These were approximately located and should be used as a geologic guide. The US and Alaskan Geologic Maps were kept as separate layers to allow the use the apply their original legends. See the ArcView help to apply these legends found in the the database\mapbase\i_lcov\geology directory. Please see the "Full Metadata Link" above for more information on errors for each area.Access Constraints: none
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
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