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Pakistan, Karachi (Hospitals, 2006)

Hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan. This data so far covers only the Lyari town district of Karachi.Dr. Aamir Khan, Chief Scientific Officer of InterActive Research Development, has access to more detailed GIS data for Pakistan, including household level data for over 1 million people in Karachi, of which the data held by the MIT GIS Lab is but a small subset. InterActive Research Development is focused on public health and is currently doing vaccine trials for children in low income areas, using funding from the Gates Foundation, and are interested in the use of their data for the public good. Dr. Khan has expressed an interest in meeting or corresponding with students and researchers interested in doing research or conducting a practicum on Pakistan and urban Karachi. The availability of data will vary depending on the subject of interest. Please contact the GIS Lab or Dr. Khan for further information.
Interactive Research and Development
Pakistan and Karachi
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