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USA (Fire Stations, 2001)

PBS J developed this database from data already geocoded provided by InfoUSA Inc. that extracted records of Fire stations based on SIC for the entire United States. The attribute information provided by InfoUSA Inc for each Fire station facility included: name, address, city, zip, state, and geographical coordinates.The contact information for the InfoUSA, Inc is: InfoUSA, Inc. 5711 S. 86th Circle, PO Box 27347, Omaha, NE 68127-0347, (402) 930 3500. The InfoUSA, Inc website address is provided by URS Corporation was incorporated for the state of Alaska. For each item or feature provided, a note was included under the Comment field. For metadata information about this data, please contact: Laura YoungURS Corporation2700 Gambell, Suite 200Anchorage, Alaska 99503Phone - 907.261.9704Fax - 907.562.1297For metadata information on the South Carolina Data, please contact:John KnightSouth Carolina Emergency Division (SCEMD)1100 Fish Hatchery RdWest Columbia, SC 29172Phone: 803-737-8500
U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
structure, HAZUS, point, fire stations, and emergency response
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