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Atlanta, GA (Cities and Municipalities, 2000)

This layer was derived from the 2000 TIGER files that are based on the boundary and annexation data provided by local governments. It has been updated in some areas by ARC. In order to get a more accurate depiction of this Theme, it may be necessary to remove "island" polygons, those areas contained within larger polygons that are not part of incorporated municipalities. This can be accomplished by querying for NAME = " (blank) to identify those records in the NAME data field which contain no values.The complete collection of Atlanta region geospatial datasets is available on CD in the GIS Lab at Rotch Library with the following call number: CDROM G3924.A8 2002.A7.
Atlanta (GA) Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)
Atlanta, Georgia, GA, Southeast, and USA
Cities, Municipalities, and polygon
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