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Atlanta, GA (Land use, 1999)

Name: LandPro99_Adjusted Source: The Atlanta Regional CommissionDate: 1999Feature: PolygonExtent: 13 CountiesScale: 1:14,000Description: This Layer serves as ARC's baseline landuse/cover GIS database for the 13-county Atlanta Region. LandPro99 was originally created in 2001 but then "adjusted" following the LandPro01 update in 2003 to ensure better direct comparison between eras. Likewise, LandPro01 was adjusted following the update of LandPro03 in 2005. Thus, ARC's most current landuse/cover database is now LandPro03 which should be used instead of the LandPro99_Adjusted or LandPro01_Adjusted Layers for most applications. The "Adjusted" Layers should be used only for change analysis between 1999, 2001 and 2003. Please refer to the particular metadata for more information on each of the other LandPro Layers.The original LandPro99 database was created by on-screen photo-interpretation and digitizing of ortho-rectified aerial photography at a scale of 1:14,000. The primary sources for the original mapping effort were 1999 true color orthophotography with four-foot pixel resolution, provided by Aerials Express, Inc. and 1999 color infrared (CIR) digital orthophoto quarter quads (DOQQs) with one-meter pixel resolution, provided by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). For more information on the LandPro databases compiled by ARC's GIS Division, refer to the complete documentation, "LandPro Database" in the Metadata folder.Attributes: LC Land Cover Code (use LandPro.avl in GIS_Data folder) LU Land Use Code (use LandPro.avl in GIS_Data folder)DE5 DRAM/EMPAL five categories uses as modeling input DE3 DRAM/EMPAL three categories used as modeling inputLC_NAME Land Cover NameLU_NAME Land Use NameLCLU Landcover/Landuse Code (concatenation of LC and LU)ACRES Polygon area in acres
Atlanta (GA) Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)
Atlanta,GA, Georgia, GA, and USA
Land use, Land cover, development, and polygon
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