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Atlanta, GA (GCT Bus Routes, 2006)

Name: Transit_GCT Source: Gwinnett County Department of TransportationDate: 2006Extent: < 10 CountiesFeature: LineScale: 1:100,000Description: This Layer was created by Gwinnett County DOT and represents various local and express routes. ARC's GIS Division merged the original shapefiles into a single database for ease of use on this CD. For more information, go to Please note, there are a total of 5 (bus) transit Layers on this CD including CCT, Ctran, GCT, GRTA and MARTA. The geographic extent of this Transit_GCT Layer is sub-regional with features located primarily in Gwinnett County and secondarily in Fulton and DeKalb counties.Attributes: ROUTE_NO Bus route number
Atlanta (GA) Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)
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