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Atlanta, GA (MARTA Bus Routes, 2005)

Name: Transit_Marta_Bus Source: The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)Date: 2005Extent: < 10 Counties (DeKalb and Fulton, plus Cobb and Clayton)Feature: LineScale: 1:63,360Description: This Layer was created in ArcView using MARTA's digital road network as a base map for "heads up" digitizing, where bus routes were "traced" over existing arcs representing the various streets used by MARTA. None of the bus route numbers are currently linked to the features, but this and other information can be obtained from MARTA's Website. For more information, go to Please note there are a total of 5 (bus) transit Layers on this CD including CCT, Ctran, GCT, GRTA and MARTA. The geographic extent of this Transit_Marta_Bus Layer is sub-regional with features located almost exclusively in Fulton and DeKalb counties. Attributes: RouteID Bus route
Atlanta (GA) Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)
Atlanta, GA, Georgia, GA, and USA
transportation, bus, MARTA, and vector
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