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Massachusetts (Quadrangle Template, 1989)

MassGIS has adopted the Massachusetts State Plane Coordinate System (SPC) as its standard coordinate reference system, using the mainland zone throughout the state. The quadrangle template datalayer contains the boundaries and Massachusetts State Plane Coordinate values of the corners of the 189 1:25,000 USGS topographic sheets that cover Massachusetts. This datalayer is of great utility to any project planning to digitize information that has been compiled onto the 1:25,000 quad sheets because it insures that the data will register to the other datalayers in the MassGIS system.MassGIS carefully proofread the SPC coordinates of the quad corners. Many plots were made at 1:25,000 and smaller scales. NOTE: This datalayer, as all other data in the MassGIS database, is stored in NAD83. Please be sure to project this coverage back to NAD27 if you intend to digitize from a 1:25,000 USGS paper quadrangle. The tics of this coverage are the NAD27 tic marks on both the single and double-wide USGS maps.
Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS)
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