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Massachusetts (State Plane Points, 1989)

The MassGIS has adopted the Massachusetts State Plane Coordinate System (SPC) as its standard coordinate reference system, using the mainland zone throughout the state. MassGIS has generated an SPC point coverage called GRID10K. Using a grid with 10,000 feet on a side, the points were derived from the grid intersections. This coverage can be plotted on a map as coordinate reference. The plotting of coordinates on a map enables that map to be used as a compilation manuscript for further data automation. The points can be used as 'TICS' to register the plot/manuscript on the digitizing table. This is of great utility to any project planning to digitize information that needs to be compiled onto GIS plots because it insures that the new data will register to the other datalayers in the MassGIS system.MassGIS is maintaining this datalayer.
Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS)
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