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Cambridge, MA (Conservation Districts, 2004)

Comprehensive dataset of Conservation Districts in the City of Cambridge in 2004. These districts are groups of buildings that are architecturally and historically distinctive. There are five NCDs in Cambridge: Mid Cambridge, Half Crown, Avon Hill, Marsh, and Harvard Square. A different commission administers each of the five NCDs. These NCD commissions are empowered to approve new construction, demolition, and alterations that are visible from a public way. The establishment of an NCD recognizes the particular design and architectural qualities of special neighborhoods in Cambridge and encourages their protection and maintenance for the benefit of the entire city. The regulations in the neighborhood conservation districts are tailored to the needs of the particular neighborhood and are generally less strict than those in historic districts.More information available at:
Cambridge (MA) Geographic Information System (City of Cambridge GIS)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, MA, Eastern Massachusetts, and USA
conservation, conservation district, conservation districts, and polygon
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