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Massachusetts (Priority Natural Riverine Vegetation Communities, 2003)

This layer represents the coastal components of the priority natural vegetation communities in MA. This layer is one of eight that depict the distribution of natural community systems identified by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP) as most critical to the conservation of the Commonwealth's biological diversity (Barbour et al., 1998).These eight layers are: coastal, coastal plain pond, vernal pool, acidic peatland, riverine, maritime sandplain, pine barrens, calcareous. For descriptions of these community systems, refer to Barbour, Simmons, Swain and Woolsey, "Our Irreplaceable Heritage: Protecting Biodiversity in Massachusetts" (1998). SPECIFICS FOR THE RIVERINE COMMUNITIES:Riverine Systems are complex areas defined by the extent of river flooding. They include floodplain and alluvial forests, riverside marshes and shrub swamps, and brackish and freshwater wetlands along tidal rivers. Ditched, channelized and dammed areas are excluded.MassGIS is maintaining this layer. Questions concerning the data interpretation should be directed to Janice Stone at 413-545-5533 or Philip John at 617-626-1185. Development of this information in other regions of the state is continuing.
Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS)
MA, USA, United States, New England, and Massachusetts
Priority , Natural, Vegetation, Communities, Riverine, Conservation, Habitat, Polygon, Environment, Evergreen, Flooding, Flood, and River
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