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Massachusetts (DEP Solid Waste Facilities, 2002)

The Solid Waste Facility Datalayer was compiled by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to track the locations of landfills, transfer stations, and combustion facilities. This statewide datalayer contains the majority of facilities currently regulated under DEP's solid waste regulations (310 CMR 16.00 19.00). The 678 polygons in the datalayer include thirteen specific types of solid waste facilities.Please note although the majority of the polygons represent landfills, only a small fraction of those landfills are active. Furthermore, this datalayer contains only solid waste facilities for which DEP had sufficient mapping information to provide a location. The MassGIS Land Use datalayer has waste site and mining classifications that may represent landfills not in the solid waste datalayer.The LNK field contains an identifer, for linking related tables available at When you download the entire layer to your machine, you will also download these related attribute tables.The DEP Bureau of Waste Prevention maintains this datalayer.
Massachusetts Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS)
MA, USA, United States, New England, and Massachusetts
Waste, Solid Waste, Landfills, and Polygon
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