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New Jersey (Wetland Boundaries, 1998)

This data was derived from the freshwater wetlands (FWW) data generated under the New Jersey Freshwater Wetlands Mapping Program. The FWW are network coverages with both linear and polygon wetlands delineated and coded. Linear wetlands features were reselected out of FWW to form this dataset. Any arc that was a linear wetland feature was given a valid wetlands (CLASS) code in the original data set.Freshwater wetlands delineations were made on 1986 orthophoto quarterquad basemaps (1:12000) by photo interpretation of 1986 CIR photos. The classification system used was a modified Cowardin system (Cowardin, et al., 1979). All freshwater wetland polygons greater than 1 acre in area and all linear freshwater wetland features greater than 10 feet in width were mapped. The 1986 quarterquad basemaps meet NMAS and are orthophotos.
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Bergen County, New Jersey, Essex County, Hudson County, Passaic County, and Union County
Linear, wetlands, marsh, freshwater, land cover, Cowardin, land use, Anderson, non-tidal, and NJDEP
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