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New Jersey (Known Contaminated Site Deed Notice, 2004)

This data layer identifies those Known Contaminates Sites (KCS) or sites on Site Remediations Programs' (SRP) Comprehensive Site List (CSL) that have been assigned a Deed notice. A deed notice is described by NJ State Legislature (NJSA 58:10B-13a) as a "...notice to inform prospective holders of an interest in the property that contamination exists on the property at a level that may statutorily restrict certain uses of, or access to, all or part of that property, a delineation of those restrictions, a description of all specific engineering or institutional controls at the property that exist and that shall be maintained in order to prevent exposure to contaminants remaining on the property, and the written consent to the notice by the owner of the property".
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
New Jersey
contamination, contaminant, soil contamination, institutional controls, environmental institutional controls, human health, environmental health, metals, mercury, chrome, historic fill, and environment
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