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Rich world-poor world: a map of global injustice and exploitation

New Internationalist. North Decimal Degree 90.000000. South Decimal Degree -90.000. East Decimal Degree 180.000. West Decimal Degree -180.000. Explatony notes: "Aid", "Arms Exporters", "High energy use", "Pollution", "Overfed", "Transnational Corporations", "Wealth", "Agricultural potential", "Population Density", "Rapid population growth", "Famine prone", "IMF cutbacks", "Poverty", "Rainforest loss", "Trade Barriers", "Hunger," Some information is given pictorially. Map was issued with: New internationalist, "State of the world report" no. 287 (Jan./Feb.1997) link for article " by Chris Brazier: []. Map Library does not have a copy of this issue. "Concept, text and artwork by Polyp." ISBN: 1869847296.
[Hertford, Eng. : [s.n.], [1997].
Economic conditions, Agriculture, Pictorial maps, and World—Maps
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