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Amplissimæ regionis Mississipi seu provinciæ Ludovicianæ â R.P. Ludovico Hennepin, Francisc. Miss. in America Septentrionali anno 1687 detectæ : nunc Gallorum coloniis et actionum negotiis toto orbe celeberrimæ : nova tabula

Shows a large portion of North America surrounding the Mississippi River Basin, including American Colonies and French and Spanish territorial possessions of Louisiana and Florida, and a small portion of Canada and Mexico; includes settlements and rivers. Title from ornamental cartouche. Measured east from unidentified meridian. "Edita à Io. Bapt. Homanno S. CM. Geographo, Norimbergæ." Relief shown pictorially. Includes ill cartouches: Catarrhacta ad Niagaram -- Ins. Gall. Societatis Indiæ Occidentalis. Includes key to symbols.
[Amstelædami : Apud viduam ac filios Ioachimi Ottens, 1729?]
United States
North America—Historical geography—Maps—Early works to 1800, Mississippi River Valley—Historical geography—Maps—Early works to 1800, Louisiana—Historical geography—Maps—Early works to 1800, Florida—Historical geography—Maps—Early works to 1800, and Early maps
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