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Serbia city graphic 1:15,000. Beograd. Series M903

Alternate title: Beograd, sheet 1.This sheet falls within NL 34-11, 1501A, 1:250,000 and 3084 I, 3084 II, 3184 III, 3184 IV, M709, 1:50,000. Transverse Mercator projection. Relief shown by 10 meter contour intervals with 5 meter supplementary contours and spot elevations. "Coordinate conversrion WGS 84 to ED 50." "Map information as of 1997. Embassy and bridge information as of 1999. Street name and numbered feature informatios as of 1998. " "Printed by NIMA 7-99." With a glossary.
Bethesda, MD : [s.n.], 1999.
Topographic maps, Geomorphology, and Serbia—Maps
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