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Totius Graeciae descriptio D[omi]no Iacobi de Gastaldij cosmographi generoso ... 1560

Relief shown pictorially. Title and publication date from Zacharakis. From: Tavole moderne di geografia ... ca. 1570. The map is similar to Zacharakis no. 564: "The map no. 564 consists of 4 sheets. The SE sheet covers the Balkan peninsula and Greece with the Archipelago and Crete and measures 53.5 x 49 cms. The title is on the SW sheet, while on the SE sheet is only the inscription: "fabius licinius fecit Venetiis." MDLX ... Note: In some issues the above inscription on the NE sheet appears with Lafreri's imprint: In Roma per Ant. Laferj."--C.G. Zacharakis, A catalogue of printed maps of Greece 1477-1800. Historic Maps has SE sheet only.
[Rome? : A. Lafreri? , ca. 1570]
Greece and Balkan Peninsula
Greece—Maps—Early works to 1800 and Balkan Peninsula—Maps—Early works to 1800
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