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Toko, Formosa (Taiwan), Takao-shu. A.M.S. L991

AMS 1. North Decimal Degree 22.483333. South Decimal Degree 22.450000. East Decimal Degree 120.483333. West Decimal Degree 120.433333. Alternate title: Toko. In upper left margin: Formosa city plans 1:10,000. Polyconic projection. Compiled in 1944 from aerial photography dated November 1943, and June 1944, by photo-planimetric method and by reference to Formosa 1:50,000, A.M.S. Sheet 2114-II, 1944. Additional information from intelligence data. Place names are transcribed according to the modified Hepburn (Romaji) System. With a glossary. Name has been changed to Tung-kang [Tungkan].
Washington, D.C. : Army Map Service, U.S. Army, 1944.
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