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A map of the King of Great Britain's dominions in Europe, Africa, and America

"N.B. All those countries, islands, forts, and settlements which are in the round-hand character, belong to the king." In upper right-hand corner: To follow Plate 7. From: A short description of the American colonies belonging to the Crown of Great Britain, in The British monarchy ... London : G. Bickham, [1743-1749]. The British monarchy was issued in parts from 1743 to 1749; Bickham also engraved and issued The universal penman in parts from 1733-1741. cf. Tooley's dictionary of mapmakers, vol. 1, p. 135.
[London : George Bickham , 1743]
Europe, Western, Africa, and North America
Penmanship, Atlantic Ocean—Maps—Early works to 1800, Great Britain—Colonies—Maps—Early works to 1800, Europe, Western—Maps—Early works to 1800, North America—Maps—Early works to 1800, and Africa—Maps—Early works to 1800
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