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Tripoli 1:100,000. El-Hammadia and Nalut. Sheet 1668, 1669. Series Provisional G.S.G.S. 3980

Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Geographical Section. Provisional G.S.G.S. 3980. United States. Army Map Service. Alternate title: 1:100,000 Tripoli. Sheet 1668, El-Hammadia and Sheet 1669, Nalut. Relief shown by 25 metres and 5 metre (approximate) contour interval and spot heights. Reproduced by Great Britain. Army. Royal Engineers. Field Survey Coy., 512 (A. Fd. Svy) Coy R. E. from Italian 1:100,000 sheet, El-Hammadia, published by the Istituto Geografico Militare, 1938, and Italian 1:100,000 sheet, Nalut dated 1935. Map is part of a set of 31 sheets.
[London] : War Office, 1941.
Topographic maps, Geomorphology, and Libya—Maps
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