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To the Right Honourable William, Lord Cowper, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, this map of Asia : according to ye newest and most exact observations is most humbly dedicated

Map of the Middle East and Asia including the East Indies. It features characteristic misconceptions of early 18th century cartography such as New Guinea as a peninsula of the southern continent and Iapon or Niphon [i.e. Japan] having a huge northern island called Land of Iesso [presumably the islands of Hokkaido and Sakhalin]. Relief is shown pictorially. Cartouche title. Title cartouche also contains a dedication to Lord Cowper, High Chancellor of Great Britain from 1714-1718. Imprint on map: Printed for H. Moll over against Devereux Court without Temple Bar; Ino. [i.e. John] Bowles, Print and Mapseller over against Stocks Market; and Tho. Bowles, Print and Mapseller next to the Chapter House in St. Paul's Church yard; by Philip Overton, Map and Printseller near St. Dunstans Church, Fleetstreet; and by John King at ye. Globe in ye. Poultry. Block of text at far right lower side of map indicating that two Jesuit explorers, Paul Clain and Le Gibien, had reported 87 islands found east or south-east of the Philippines but this was not yet confirmed by other explorers. Prime meridian: Ferro. Map 3 from: [Untitled atlas] / Herman Moll. London : [H. Moll, T. Bowles, P. Overton?, ca. 1715].
[London : H. Moll, T. Bowles, & P. Overton?, ca. 1715]
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