Géologie et principaux gisements de l'Afrique / Geology and major ore deposits of Africa / BRGM ; scientific coordination Jean-Pierre Milesi, Feybesse Jean-Louis, Pinna Patrice, [and others] ; authors Becker Thomas, Bertrand Bernard, Billa Mario, [and others] ; cartographic layout Francis Ralay, Chêne Frédéric, Heinry Claude, [and others] ; GIS design Malon Jean-Franc̦ois, [and others]. Image Princeton University Restricted content

Exclamation Triangle This data is hosted by Princeton, and is currently unavailable to preview and download. Stanford University does not hold this data and cannot provide access to it, at this time. If you have questions about this or other unavailable datasets from Princeton Maps and Geospatial Information Center please submit your feedback to shawatw@princeton.edu.